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Software maintenance: why you have to do it?

After its creation, any software must regularly undergo some modifications. Otherwise, after a while, it becomes obsolete and no longer effectively fulfills the function for which it was created.

What does software maintenance consist of?

The universe of new information and communication technologies is constantly evolving. Consequently, the internet tool undergoes a multitude of changes every day. These affect all the tools which are linked to it and which depend on it, in particular the applications. These therefore start to become obsolete and no longer work as they should.

The goal of software maintenance is precisely to correct these imperfections. It consists of a set of tasks to ensure the proper functioning of a digital system. This allows you to make some changes that may correct problems with a computer system.

Updating software also aims to add new features to it, or even improve some of the existing ones. This approach helps you to ensure the perfect organization of your software system.

Still called SSII, there are now agencies specializing in computer maintenance. They mainly take care of registering BDDs (Behavior Driven Development), updating antiviruses and checking the status of your system. To solicit them, you do not have to travel. Indeed, they can intervene remotely, whether in the context of remote maintenance or remote management. These professionals also provide remote monitoring services.

What are the implications of software maintenance?

Software maintenance is no small task. Its process varies depending on the type of equipment and the contract signed between the professional and his client. Either way, there are some steps that are crucial for its execution. These include, among others:

  • Continuously check their performance and level of safety

  • Delete optional data

  • Save essential data

  • Update the software

  • Perform the appropriate configurations

  • Monitor user areas and network connections

  • Suggest areas for improvement

What are the categories of software maintenance?

There are three different ways to maintain software. Each one leads to the resolution of a specific problem. Thus, a distinction is made between corrective, progressive and preventive type maintenances.

✓ Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance makes it possible to accurately detect malfunctions in a system. It saves you the trouble of having to take over the entire system.

✓ Scalable maintenance

Evolutionary maintenance essentially makes it possible to supplement the functionalities of a software. It also aims to modify existing ones in order to optimize them.

✓ Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance intervenes in the repair of complex systems. It allows you to anticipate problems that could affect the software and hinder its proper functioning.

Why perform software maintenance?

There are many benefits to maintaining software, including maintaining and optimizing its essential components. This process is also carried out with the aim of:

✓ Reduce certain expenses

In fact, renewing software causes a significant number of costs. On the other hand, maintaining it regularly allows you to prevent it from becoming obsolete.

✓ Increase productivity

Software maintenance is a professional and productive process. Indeed, this is a quick and necessary task to obtain an operational work tool with an excellent architecture.

What are the disadvantages of poorly done maintenance?

For fear of spending large sums of money, some companies outsource software maintenance to people with little experience. However, this constitutes an error, as a fault in the software system is likely to cause problems such as:

  • Poorly secured data

  • Risk of intrusion

  • Presence of errors in the system

  • Inopportune expenses

Several competent agencies are involved in software maintenance. The ideal is to entrust your project to one of them. For example, you can opt for iDev, a well-known company in the field. We offer fast services, tailored to your needs and at a lower cost.


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