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About Us


iDev creates customized and cost effective software solutions to your business needs.

We provide TurnKey solutions for your business, our team will be solving all your problems.

Thanks to a serverless architecture, we build high-traffic, ultra-fast websites.

Our History

As part of expanding its services, Acoba, a global company leader for Cloud services for CCTV, for professional and residential market, has launched iDev, its new outsourcing company. iDev desires to consistently deliver value-added services to its clients. Acoba has a reputation for satisfying and surpassing its client’s expectations.

Our Mission

We seek to make our Clients become more successful by offering a comprehensive range of outsourcing services ranging from website design & development, e-commerce, digital marketing, Mobile App engineering, digital transformation, embedded engineering, to IOT/Cloud engineering.

Who we are

iDev is a full software engineering provider. Our products are customized for each client and based on the needs of their projects. We provide services that matches your potential needs with a managed solution.

iDev is backed by Acoba

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We always try to understand users expectation


Startups, industries, banks, logistics, energy suppliers, in Europe, USA, Brazil, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Rep. Czech, Canada, …

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  • Industry

  • Aeronautics

  • Automotive

  • Logistics

  • Electronic security

  • Telecom, media

  • Internet

  • Energy

  • Bank

  • Online-Shop

  • Transport

  • Insurance

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